Web Design & Web Development Training Institute in Chennai

Web designing and web development training in chennai

Web Design & Web Development Training Institute in Chennai

Accessing WWW??? Web Designing is a hedge in presenting information to the world wide web. We provide fringe training in website designing and development making individuals to create a complete website for a brand or a product or a business. To reach to the targeted audience a website design plays a vital role. It describes the face of any company or business.

Jehovah values their students with trainers who are experts in big corporates to provide high class training on website designing and development which helps us in aiding the students to meet international standards.

Web Designing is an art which just not involves creating web pages that displays images and content. It requires analyzing the purpose of that website so that it reaches the right group of people. Analyzing the purpose helps one to understand and formulate ideas with creativity and elegancy.

Jehovah aspires individuals to get trained in both design and development of a website.

Course Content

We provide web designing training from basic introduction of web to perfect dynamic creation of CMS [Content Management System] using PHP

HTML Training
HTML is as essential prerequisite for any web application or websites. Therefore, the syllabus includes topics on HMTL tags and usage of tags through practical application of tools and techniques.

CSS Training
CSS training is most important to design professional web layouts. Knowledge on CSS is required by web designers to create and define styles each HTML tags. CSS includes various types and we provide a 360 content to discover all the aspects in CSS sector.

PHP Training
The basic training includes learning of static designs, consequently we progress using dynamic languages PHP and MySQL are the tools which are adopted to create further web pages. PHP is considered as the most effective front-end dynamic language across the universe. Therefore, through PHP Training one can convert the static designs into dynamic websites.

MySQL Training
MySQL is an ideal open source RDBMS which is used by nearly all the web applications. Both PHP and MySQL are combined in static pages to create a complete dynamic web application. MySQL helps in building customized CMS.

JavaScript Training
JavaScript is a client-based scripting language which is more likely used in real-time projects across many companies. JavaScript is majorly used in validation areas and client interaction areas.

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